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"Pupils are open, friendly and confident and this has a very positive influence on how they conduct themselves. They demonstrate excellent empathy in relation to other members of the school community." - ISI Inspector, December 2017

Prep school begins in Year 3 and continues through to Year 6, with an increased pace of education allowing our children to learn and develop more as people.

Academic Curriculum

In the Prep school at Hilden Oaks, academic expectations are gradually raised, stretching each child to give their best performance. As we prepare each child for the Kent Test (11 Plus) and/or Common Entrance exam to their next school, we assist them in realising their full potential, exploring their own individual talents and developing in self-determination.

In Years 3 and 4, core academic subjects are taught by form teachers whilst specialist teachers lead children in PE, French, ICT and Music. Science is taught both by form teachers and specialist teachers. This emphasis changes in Years 5 and 6 as children spend more of their time with specialist teachers.

In Years 5 and 6, children are given extra personal responsibilities such as Monitor or Library duties. This enables them to grow in confidence and maturity.

Smaller class sizes at Hilden Oaks mean that individual attention is a given. Academically, the school typically performs well above the national average at Key Stage 2, and pupils benefit from numerous subjects taught in addition to the core syllabus. Our children enjoy superb pass rates for Common Entrance and 11 Plus, giving parents added flexibility of choice between independent and grammar schools.

Academic Results

Impressive results come from excellent teaching, and our children achieve consistently high standards in the Kent Test.

Following the recent Kent Test results, and in anticipation of Common Entrance outcomes, we are confident that the overwhelming majority of our Year 6 children will be taking up places at their secondary school of choice in September 2017.

The attainment of our 2015-16 Year 6 cohort was excellent. Ten pupils gained level 6 in Maths, 12 gained a maximum 141 score in Science, with a total of 11 attaining level 6. In English, three children were awarded a level 6 in Reading. The national average for attainment in all of these subjects for this age group is level 4. All of the children in the cohort secured a place in the type of secondary school of their choice.

The well-rounded development of our children throughout the Prep department gives them the self-awareness and educational grounding they need to go confidently on to the senior school of their choice

"They are given many different opportunities to show leadership through lesson activities and various projects." - ISI Inspector, December 2017