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Welcome toHilden OaksPreparatory School & Nursery


"Pupils show high levels of resilience and perseverance in their approach to challenges during both academic and extra-curricular activities." - ISI Inspector, December 2017

For children at Hilden Oaks, Pre-Prep represents the beginning of formal schooling for them. Pre-Prep is the part of the school that takes children from Reception through to Year 2. We work hard as a team to ensure that the transition to Reception from home or nursery is made as easy and stress-free as possible for our children.

Reception is housed in the Stable Block; in this area we gradually introduce our children to a fully structured day before they move into the Salmon Building and into the care of form tutors in Years 1 and 2.  It is here our children begin to learn the core subjects of National Curriculum Key Stage One, as well as ICT, Music, French and PE from specialist teachers who are passionate about the subjects they teach.

Hilden Oaks children make excellent progress through the combination of form  and specialist teachers, core subjects and extra-curricular activities. 

Pre-Prep is a time when children really begin to develop as citizens. It is at this stage that discipline becomes a natural part of school life, enforced fairly but firmly, but not at the expense of a child’s individuality. Children are encouraged to think about others and recognise that rights are balanced by responsibility. At this stage of a child's education, our parents tell us that there are noticeable positive changes in their children’s behaviour at home.

Hilden Oaks children are often admired for the courtesy and consideration they display in their everyday behaviour, and these are traits we encourage our children to take on into their future lives. Children from Hilden Oaks are proud of the school they come from, and we are proud of the well-rounded, well-mannered, polite and intelligent children who leave our school.

"Pupils across the school have an outstanding sense about the distinction between right and wrong.... they take pride in demonstrating kind and thoughtful behaviour."  - ISI Inspector, December 2017