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Inaugural Golf Sessions Go With a Swing!

A brand new after school Golf Club has been introduced at Hilden Oaks, and the sessions are a great hit with all the children taking part.

Golf Club takes place twice a week - on Mondays and Tuesdays - at a local golf centre, and is open to children in Year 2 - Year 6. In its first week, 14 children had an introductory lesson, learning about the names and uses of all the golfing equipment. They then had a go at "whacking" the ball on the driving range. 

The children loved their first lesson, and are looking forward to learning how to putt next week.

Mrs Sizer, who runs the club, commented:"I am delighted that the children are able to learn a new sport under the guidance of a professional golfer. It is an unusual sport as it places an emphasis both on how to play the game and on a player's etiquette on the golf course. I look forward to watching the children develop their skills over the coming weeks."