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Could we have The Makings of A Formula One Team?

Year 6 pupils headed to Sevenoaks School for the afternoon to attend the "Young Engineers" workshop.

Working in small groups, pupils were set a challenging ‘design and make’ project. The ice-breaker was a problem solving challenge, devising ways of using a plastic bag and CD.

Congratulations to Eleanor, whose elf shelter was singled out as by the activity leader as being the best and most innovative.

The main challenge, designed to improve creative thinking, problem solving and team work, was to make racing vehicles powered by a super capacitator. The activity was designed to inspire creativity through fun hands-on learning, building confidence and developing inter-personal skills.

The Hilden Oaks children were fantastic at this challenge, winning prasie for their impressive creative thinking abilities, strong team work and perseverance. Their language skills were also highly praised.

Most important of all, of course, was the vehicle race at the end of the afternoon. Team Hilden Oaks’ vehicles romped away with the win, leaving the competitor school's vehicles firmly in second place.

Next stop Silverstone…