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Lauren is in print - as well as on the airwaves

Lauren (Year 6) appeared on the BBC Kent Radio Breakfast Show in Jaunary, and has since been featured as  a Junior Journalist in "First News" - the weekly newspaper for young people. Here is what she wrote:

Monday 18th January was Blue Monday, the day when apparently people don’t feel their best. Not the best day for my first appearance on BBC Radio Kent to review an article from the 500th edition of “First News” about athletes who have used drugs to improve their performance.

When I arrived at BBC Radio Kent at 6.30am, I was very nervous but not after I met the presenters of the Breakfast Show, John and Maggie. At 8.30am I was live in the studio and Maggie introduced me. I said that athletes who take drugs are cheats and should have their medals taken away. Some of us kids may be at the Olympics in 2028 – we need to know other athletes are not cheating.

John and Maggie seemed pleased with what I said. I was very relieved and now want to do another paper review sometime! For me, Blue Monday was a Red Letter Day.