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Dinosaur Invasion at The Nursery

Children in the Nursery have discovered FIVE dinosaur eggs in the nest in the garden.

Children in Kindie and Kindergarten have had two very exciting days this week. On Wednesday 11th November, the children discussed what materials a mummy dinosaur might need to build a safe, comfortable and warm nest for her eggs. They looked at dinosaur books, and using what they had learnt and discussed, the children went around the school, looking for nest materials.

A soft and safe nest was built by the children in the garden, using the grass, twigs, straw and feathers the children had gathered.

Then they waited. And they waited. And they waited.

With no sign of any dinosaurs or eggs, Mrs Forrest covered the nest to keep it safe overnight, and the children went home. 

On Thursday morning, after circle time,  the children checked the nest again, and were absolutely astonished to discover five dinosaur eggs had been laid. The eggs started hatching, and the children were allowed to pick them up, using lovely language such as "careful", "cracking", "shivery" and "comfortable".

The baby dinosaurs now have a welcoming home, being looked after by the children in small world play.