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Hilden Oaks Book Week 2015

Book Week 2015 saw many activities around reading taking place in the school...

5th - 9th October was Book Week at Hilden Oaks. 

With Mrs Martin at the helm, there were some new activities, as well as the much-loved Book Bop, which rounded off the week.

Children wrapped their favourite books in paper and swapped with other children of their age and reading ability, so that each of them would read a new, "mystery" book during the week. They then shared their views on the new books they had read in class.

Authors Nigel Blackman and Chris Powling each spent a day in school. Author and illustrator Nigel Blackman visited the Key Stage 1 classes, reading to them and showing them how to draw his characters. and Chris Powling spoke to the older children.

Children swapped classes to be read to by different teachers, and Mrs Martin read to Transition children twice during the week.

It was a very enjoyable week, and the children loved their new experiences.