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Year 5 Trip to London

Year 5 visited the Globe Theatre and the Golden Hinde this week. They took a walk along the banks of the Thames and immersed themselves in the London of both the past and the present.

On 11th May, Year 5 travelled to London to visit Shakespeare's Globe theatre and the Golden Hinde. After a tour of the Globe and a 'silent sit in' on a technical rehearsal for that evening's performance, the children participated in a Drama workshop based on Much Ado About Nothing', the play that they are studying this term.

After a lovely walk in the sun watching the world go by on the South Bank, the children spent the afternoon aboard Drake's Tudor vessel, being insulted by the ship' master, having limbs amputated by the barber surgeon, raising the anchor as winchmen or nippers and generally learning how hard life was for a Tudor sailor.

It was an informative and memorable trip.