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Welcome toHilden OaksPreparatory School & Nursery

Specialist Teaching

"The quality of pupils' academic and other achievements is excellent." - ISI Inspector,  December 2017

From early in their academic life at Hilden Oaks, children benefit from classes taught by specialist subject teachers. As they progress through the school, the number of subjects taught by specialist teachers increases.

We are proud of the quality of teaching at Hilden Oaks, and of how the children adapt seamlessly to new challenges put to them by our passionate and committed teachers.

The outstanding feature of the education we provide is the number of specialist staff we have teaching at a primary level. All of our form teachers also have a great deal of experience in teaching the core subjects.

Below is a table showing which subjects are taught by specialist staff over the course of your child's time at the school.

  R Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6
Art   X X X   X X
Computing X X X X X X X
Design Technology   X X X   X X
English   X X     X X
French X X X X X X X
Games X X X X X X X
Geography           X X
Maths           X X
Music X X X X X X X
Science       X X X X