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Welcome toHilden OaksPreparatory School & Nursery


"Planning and assessment is overseen extremely well and ensures that children's learning opportunities are of a high standard, providing them with a strong foundation and preparing them for the future." -  ISI Inspector, December 2017

The Hilden Oaks Nursery is split into four different classes, allowing our children to enjoy a varied day with activities chosen to best suit a child's age and individual abilities. When children join the Nursery, it can often be the first time that they are left without their parents to meet with peers. We ensure that each child spends time working and playing with their contemporaries, or playing as a group in the garden so they can improve their social skills and grow as people. We pride ourselves on preparing children for a smooth transfer to school at the age of four, and our recent inspection reports reflect the success of our efforts.



"A strong family atmosphere permeates the Nursery, giving a very positive sense of belonging and commitment to learning." - ISI Inspector, December 2017

In Nursery (3 - 12 months), children are guaranteed individual attention. We maintain very high staffing ratios at all times, allowing each child to be cared for personally.

Pre School

"Children have excellent manners and co-operate extremely well.  They are very well prepared and ready for the next stage in their learning" - ISI Inspector, December 2017  

Kindie (1 to 2 years), Kindergarten (2 to 3 years) and then Transition (3 to 4 years) provide early socialisation and learning through play, enabling our children to develop personally and individually.

Children begin to explore the wider world in the company of their peers, and to form their first friendships. By the time our children leave Transition, they have the security and confidence to move on to more structured learning .