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The theme of the Spring Term's Creative Curriculum Time was The Georgians. Children in Years 1 – 6 spent the day working together in a carousel of workshops, each exploring a different aspect of the Georgian era.

Workshops for Key Stage 1 children included learning about Georgian fashions (see the picture above where Miss Michie is sporting a Georgian-style dress). The children compared today’s styles with Georgian clothing and made lollipop stick people wearing period dress. 

Mrs Palmer led a workshop where the children were able to research crime and punishment in Georgian times, as Sir Robert Peel set up the Metropolitan Police in the late Georgian period. 

Other workshops included learning about Georgian houses and creating models of sedan chairs.

Key Stage 2 children found out about famous Georgian people. At the beginning of the day, their knowledge was fairly limited - however when they were tested in assembly the following day, they were able to talk about people such as Marie Antoinette and Lord Nelson with confidence. 

Board games and card games depicting well-known characters were invented and played by the children, including Georgian Top Trumps, Georgian Guess Who and Georgian Headbandz.

Pictures of half a Georgian house were completed by the children, illustrating the symmetry of the architecture of the era.

Madame Finch ran a workshop on the French Revolution. The children created a timeline of events, and learnt that suggesting you eat cake in a time of great shortages may lead to a sticky end!

One of the most popular workshops was run by an actor, Stephen Mortimer, who came in especially for the day. He taught the children about the Napoleonic Wars. The stage managed battle re-enactments were something the children will remember for years to come!