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Creative Curriculum Time in November fell in Anti-Bullying Week. The children explored many different anti-bullying themes through a number of different activities, with the overall theme being "Power for Good".

The children were split into two groups with the younger children (Years 1 - 3) taking part in four age-appropriate activites, whilst the three older year groups participated in a different set of activities.

Years 1, 2 and 3 created "buddy posters". They learned that it only takes one person to stand up to bullying to change things, discussed how to be a good friend, and created fabulous superheroes whose super power was "power for good". 

Further up the school, a drama workshop saw the children exploring how bullying is different from just being unkind, with a hot seat and a freeze fame being used to enable individuals to think more deeply about the subject. Mrs King led a mindfulness masterclass, showing children how to react to events in a positive way; there were team building activities, and also a workshop to discuss how to tackle bullying and harness our own inner superhero.

The children were very attentive, and gained a great deal from the sessions.