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Forthcoming Open Days

Thursday 3rd October  9.00 am - 11.00 am

Friday 9th November  9.00 am - 11.00 am

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Thursday 15th September was our first Creative Curriculum Day of the academic year. This term we are exploring multiculturalism.

With one day each half of term set aside to discover more about our chosen Creative Curriculum subject, the children were able to take part in several varied and interesting subjects, and gain a broader understanding of what multiculturalism encapsulates. 

The mixed-aged groups took part in four sessions during the day, with opportunies to learn about the following areas:

  • The music of China, Africa and India (playing an instrumental piece from China on the tuned and untuned percussion, as well as listening to, analysing and appraising a Bangladeshi song, and singing and playing two African pieces on the drums);
  • Matching up favourite music, holiday destinations, sports, book characters etc with where they come from on a map of the world;
  • Creating a poster of how to say "hello" in different and unusual languages from around the world;
  • Learning that all people are equal through a variety of team-building exercises;
  • Learning about famous historical characters from different cultures;
  • Identifying and tasting foods from around the world (a very popular session!);
  • Colour-matching our own skin tones by mixing paints, to celebrate the fact that we all have a unique skin tone.

The day was a great success, and the children learned a great deal. The most discussed discovery was how different - and dark - our skin tones are.