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And the winner is...

The Tonbridge Festival theme this year was Roald Dahl, to coincide with the centenary of the author's birth. Year 1 pupil Francesca took part in the Artwork Trail during the summer holidays... and won!

Congratulations go to Francesca for her commitment and hard work in tracking down all the answers to complete the Artwork Trail quiz. She spent an afternoon visiting numerous shops up and down the high street to complete a quiz on Roald Dahl’s stories.

Using keen observational skills and her knowledge of Roald Dahl characters, Francesca completed a quiz set throughout Tonbridge High Street. She won £20 of Hobbycraft art vouchers, which she has used to buy some mask-making equipment.

Francesca said: "I enjoyed the Roald Dahl quiz. It took me a whole afternoon, but the shop keepers were very kind to me and I really enjoyed the bus trip up the High Street at the end of the day."

Well done Francesca!