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E-Safety at Hilden Oaks

The children and parents found out some useful hints on how to act e-safely

On Tuesday 22nd September, PCSO Sue Kemsley from Kent Police visted Hilden Oaks to talk to all parents and Years 5 and 6 about E-safety.

The talk she gave to parents was very informative and made everyone think hard about their use of the Internet and of apps.

Years 5 and 6 each had a separate talk, advising them on how to behave sensibly while on-line, and also warning them of how to keep all their personal information  private.  The sessions were lively and interactive, and ended with a song to help them remember all they had learnt.

PCSO Kemsley then gave an assembly to Reception through to Year 3 and involved them in a game to demonstrate how they must be careful on-line.

Our thanks go to PCSO Kemsley, who gauged all of her audiences very well, keeping them engaged, and leaving them with much to think about.